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How to Approach Your Spouse about the Marriage Helper Workshop

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  • Are you wanting to approach your spouse about attending the Marriage Helper workshop...but don't know how to start?
  • Or maybe you have already approached your spouse and all you get is a resounding "no"
  • Perhaps you can't approach your spouse because right now your spouse won't talk to you...

We can help. 

This page if FULL of some of the best resources that we have to help you make a plan on how to approach your spouse about going to the workshop. 


1. In this webinar, Kimberly Holmes explains more about the Marriage Helper workshop, how it is different than other marriage enrichments or seminars or counseling, and then gives 3 in-depth case studies of people whose spouses are done with their marriage...and how to approach your spouse if that is your situation!



Next Steps:

If you want to share information with your spouse about the workshop: 

Here is a page for your spouse about the workshop: your.marriagehelper.com/unsure/marriage-workshop

Here is a page about how the workshop can help with co-parenting: 

Here is another video to share with your spouse about promises that we make about the workshop: http://your.marriagehelper.com/workshop/unsure/video


Want MORE ideas on how to convince your spouse? 

12 ways to convince your spouse document


Get the $7 Marriage Help Bootcamp for more help in what to say and how to approach your spouse



To book coaching with Jim Pourteau, call 615.472.1161. (Learn about this at the end of the video above!)


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